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Operational Support

We are always in need of donations to maintain and/or upgrade the operations, structure, and space utilization of Wyckoff PTO Economy Shop.  We ask you, the community, to check back on this page often to review what our current needs are.  If you or anyone in your network can help us with donating time, money, equipment, expertise, supplies, or any other resource to allow us to continue our mission, we would highly appreciate it!

last updated September 5, 2016

2016 NEEDS

Carpentry – THANK YOU John Robertson for building our new hanging racks upstairs and downstairs allowing for much improved space utilization, customer flow through the shop, and the opportunity to get the round racks out of the Shop! (labor and time donated summer 2016)

Security System – equipment and installation by North East Fire & Safety Equipment Co., Inc., Northvale, NJ, netfire911@aol.com – THANK YOU! (donated January 2016)

Painting Services – internal painting – THANK YOU Will and Paula Rice! (summer 2016)

2016 NEEDS

Shelves and Donation Bins – carpenter to build shelving and donation bins for incoming donations and sorting

Front Door – new door and/or hardware (door knob and lock)

HVAC – heating and air conditioning system

Space Planning/Design/Merchandise Presentation – expertise needed to help us utilize the space better